Insurance is an integral party of your wealth building.  Well constructed insurance will protect your income if you cannot work, provide for your family if you die and provide for you and your family if you are injured or ill, and can no longer work.

In the pages below we explain the different insurance types with a brief overview of their features.

Insurance can be complex area.  We will assist you to understand the features that will best meet your needs, and if you have a claim help you through a claims process.

It is important to consider insurance when you establish an SMSF.  This should be done for at least three reasons. 

  • superannuation law requires a trustee of an SMSF to have considered what insurance the fund may need;
  • it can be more tax effective to have insurance owned by the SMSF, and
  • if the SMSF borrows to acquire an asset insurance is a must to protect you and your family.